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5 definitions by HAcoreRD

1.) A game where you wander around a magical forest, shooting yourself with heroin, while chasing a Pink Dragon. But you can never catch it. No score, no crowds, just you and the dragon.

Deemed the ultimate first person shooter.
1.) Stan looks awful because he's been up for 3 days straight playing heroin hero.

Doesn't he know, you can never catch the dragon?
by HAcoreRD November 10, 2007
1.) Putting something behind you, to regain what was lost.
HAcoreRD shows forgiveness to Mick and Crow.
by HAcoreRD March 21, 2004
1.) A WWE wrestler on the RAW brand roster, who teamed with Rico, Shelton Benjamin and Former WWE Champion Kurt Angle. Charlie Haas is one of the most gifted wrestlers, to never get a single title push. His closest push was taken away by WWE officals as punishment for accidently injuring Lillian Garcia on an episode of RAW. Now Charlie Haas teams with Visera as a heel jobber team. Charlie is married to "Ms. Jackie" and is expecting their first child soon.
1.) John Cena may put asses in seats, but Charlie Haas will make them sit on the edge.
by HAcoreRD September 03, 2006
The act of digging a large hole or trench to bury a deer up to it's neck, in order to torture it.
I tranquilized the deer, put it in a deer trench, and proceeded to starve it and beat it on a daily basis, as it couldn't move to defend itself.
by HAcoreRD October 12, 2008
1.) A new-aged phrase showing an effective assault on someone.
I just dumbledropped that kid.
by HAcoreRD March 19, 2004