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To take a piss.
"Dude, pull over at the next store. I really gotta take a wazzard."
by H8TECH December 23, 2009
To have sex
"She's pretty drunk tonight. Maybe she'll let me rake it."
by H8TECH December 23, 2009
When someone sits (or lays) on the couch all day instead of doing something productive.
Jared: "Are you gonna go out to the bar today and watch the game?"

Chris: "No way. I got drunk as shit last night. I think I'm gonna just sit here and couch it out."
by H8TECH December 22, 2009
To take a nap
Byron: "What are you gonna do later?"

Cory: "Probably get stoned and then wing a nap."
by H8TECH December 22, 2009

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