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True gamer. Me. Any gamer who has played videogames since they learned sub-basic motor skills, and who go into the past, before they were born, and pla every retro system out there. I agree Hardcore gamers and Casual gamers are mortal enemies. Hardcore gamers, for one, see past the greatest reason why we are mortal enemies. GRAPHICS. Who cares if a game has sub-par gfx for the system its on? If its a great game with great handling, story, action, WHO GIVES 2 SHITS ABOUT GFX? Graphics is only eye candy. Which is how you can discern the true gamers from posers because true gamers can always be found with a full library of NES, Atari, SNES, Genesis, GB (dot matrix screen), Virtual Boy, and any other lesser known systems.
Hardcore gamer: Me 'n my cuz. Hardcore 2 tha bone
Casual (poser): Johan (always thinks he's better than the 'hwhite boi' because he plays only new shit.
by H4rd(0r3 fo' 3v4 November 29, 2004

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