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Caused by over-gaming. The most common cause is hand-held consoles, the most prominent now being the awkwardly designed Nintendo DS. It causes the the hand to cramp up while attempting to play videogames.
"Now to play some 'Super Mario 64 DS' ...arrgghh... my hand! ..it won't move! AAAH LOOK AT ME! ...don't look at me... Loo~ook at meeee...
by H.T.J June 25, 2005
- To perform the duties and functions of an office or a position of authority.
- To serve as an officiant.
- Sports. To serve as a referee or umpire.
A man got sick because of a-fish-he-ate.
by H.T.J March 26, 2005
Originally from internationally renowned homosexual "Gareth Sutton"'s popular expression "Yo Dee". It was used in the albeit derogatory context of attracting the attention of passing australians; but now, a bastardization has emerged in the form of "Yo Gee".
Guy: YO GEE!!!!!!!!!!!
by H.T.J April 04, 2005
From the Native American name; pronounced squi*-tee. Means to produce a squeeky shit from one's rectal cavity that leaves one feeling satisfied yet drained...and stinky.
Policeman: Could you describe the man?
Victim: Hmm, medium eyes, blue build, patch other each eye, no nose, smells terrible and he let off a squeeky shit whilst anally violating me with a bag of mini eggs.
by H.T.J March 28, 2005
One of those Vegetarian, Lesbian types, who eat chicken 'n' fish, but claim to be a vegetarian, and they have strong opinions on everything, like fox-hunting or ANYTHING else that doesn't concern them. Not only that but they're all hypocritical, minge-munching losers, with names like Charisma, Faith or Moonbeam. OH, oh, and they all pronounce they're name differently.. like instead of stefani, it's STEFarrny! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?
Charisma: I'm a vegetarian, except for chicken and fish!
Faith: Me too! But I like fish when it's minge!
Charisma: Me too!
by H.T.J November 19, 2004
An ASCII character, created by typing 0160 on the numpad with the alt key held down.
Wow, did you see that ?
by H.T.J April 21, 2007
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