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3 definitions by H&S

Getting with someone that your good friend has already got with, in the same night.
Person 1: "I got with Jeromeo last night"
Schlie: "HEY, so did I..."
Person 1: "Dude, you totally schlieman crushed me!"
by H&S August 15, 2008
8 0
When you get off with more than 6 people in one night. Classy.
Person 1: "How many people did you get with last night??"
Person 2: "Well..let's just see I got a schlieman flush"
by H&S August 15, 2008
8 0
When you're in a swimming pool etc. and you snot a water boogie. Pleasant.
A pool in zante...
Person 1 : "ohww you've got a little schlieman schnot"
by H&S August 15, 2008
6 2