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He is the epitome of homosexuality. If you thought you could never see anything more gay than a double horned unicorn jumping over a rainbow then you have not seen a gyrolf. With the ability to change his appearance from a black man to a mexican it is quite rare to spot this unique creature. During the winter season a gyrolf can spend 20-22 hours hibernating in his cave and during the other 2 hours you can catch it masturbating to gay porn. With the personality of a 6 year old school girl you will feel drawn to this creature but beware! With one kiss on the cheek from a gyrolf you will instantly transform into one of his minions.
Did you just touch my ass? You are totally turning into a gyrolf.

Person #1: Holy you got so burnt tanning today!
Person #2: Yeah, I got my gyrolf on.
by Gyrolf December 12, 2012

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