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Gypsy: a race not a choice, nor action, nor feeling. But a race of people with their own toungue, culture, and ways of life.
Gypsy: a racist term like that of Nigger, Beaner, Chink, Honkey, Whop or any term used to mean harm or hate.
Gypsy: a word to describe a person that moves around alot, a nomad, and person with no home. This use came from the people that left Egypt long ago in serch for there own Milk and Honey, traveling all around the world making many different homes around the world. Gypsy are in every country, state, city, town. Many not doing anything wrong, but like the African Americans getting blamed for a few bad apples. Like in all races no ones perfect.
Do you cook all traditional Gypsy food for dinner?

I love how this gypsy style house is designed.

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