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A metaphor for a young, talentless singer or pop star perceived by men to be hot and girls to be iconic. This way, those of us who listen to real music and not corporate slop no longer have to differentiate or play a guessing game whenever we hear a female voice, more computer than woman, singing over muzak in almost any retail outlet in the Western World. It's simply "Britney Hilton" and you're done; That's all you need to know.
Ashley: "Hey, have you heard the latest single, 'Breathlessness', by Britney Hilton?!?"

Courtney: "Oh totally! And you know what else? I totally heard on 109.9 "The Glam" that she's totally going to be touring with Hannah Duff and Jennifer Aguilera!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Gypsy19 February 26, 2008

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