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2 definitions by Gypsy Credit

noun - A derogatory term given to a chick at a club or bar. It is intended to strip the bitch of any dignity and/or self-respect she may have; 'honey squirrels' are usually semi-attractive, dolled-up Cunts with horrible attitudes.
Look at this stupid fucking bitch right here; little honey squirrel. I am going to choke this bitch out back in the alley.
by Gypsy Credit April 18, 2011
Pronounced: moosh mash

1) noun - A derogatory term given to a hot bitch in the car adjacent to your's at a stop light; often shouted out in an exuberant show of excitement.

2) verb - The act of "müshing" up a bitch's pussy during sex.
Oooh! Oooh! Look at this little fucking müsh mash right here! Mmmm... Fuck yah! Little bitch. Little fucking honey squirrel.

sup' girl. You gonna let me get all up in that little fucking ham sandwich. I'll müsh mash that shit up. Let me see that boot buckle meat girl.
by Gypsy Credit April 18, 2011