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4 definitions by Gypsie Nomad

To have sex with someone and then never talk to them again. However they also leave a recognizeable mark, whether it may be a hicky, bite mark, or scratch. Derived from the habit of female crickets who mark their mates to avoid future sexual contact.
Friend 1 : Hey I saw that hicky on Chris's neck?!

Friend 2: Yeah that was for hit it n' cricket reasons only...
by gypsie nomad May 03, 2010
Occurs on the dance floor when two ladies dressed in silk dresses gyrate together and the dresses come in contact. Usually two sexy females and causes heads to turn.
Jack : Did you see that silk on silk action last night?!

Jimmy : Yeah man my girl got mad at me for looking!
by Gypsie Nomad May 05, 2010
Commonly performed when two people at a social gathering retreat to a private area unknowingly to the other guests to hook-up.
Friend 1: Where did you go last night? We needed you for beer pong?!

Friend 2: I was playing Hide n' Skeet with Jenny!
by Gypsie Nomad May 04, 2010
The act of brisk walking across Columbia Road on University Avenue in the frozen tundra aka Grand Forks, North Dakota in the middle of winter going to class. Usually practiced when trying to make the light and is a substitute for running so one does not slip with his/her backpack.
{Man slips in the middle of the intersection spilling his bag}

Chris: If he was smart, he would have just done the columbian shuffle.

Ann: Way to icy out to be running across like that...
by Gypsie Nomad May 05, 2010