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Rub and Tug. A name for a Massage parlor or place in which after the massage is given, it is ended with a hand job. aka Happy Ending

A place or a way in which a man get get "relieved" and it not be considered cheating.
I am super soar/tired and my wife is on vacation. I am gong for a Rub and Tug.
by Gwynnetastic July 17, 2010
A vacation Grown Adult Men Take together. Leaving behind all the annoying things in life work,wives,girlfriends and children.
Me- " I am going to Cancun in March

Girlfriend " Spring Break? But you are 26"

Me- No, Spring break is for kids. This is a Gentlemans Vacation
by GwynneTastic January 28, 2010
A female you are going to hook up with, who has very little chance of it going any further.

She is right for tonight. A slump buster. One night stand.
"Noelle, Lauren, Karen, Gina all already left!"

Not my 1,2,3,4 or 5th choice. I guess -------- will due. Looks like she is Ms. Tonight.
by Gwynnetastic February 01, 2010
To Kiss a girl very quicky after she gave ANOTHER guy a blow job and he blew a load in her mouth.
"Joe just got Snow balled. He is making out with that girl who just blew me"
by Gwynnetastic February 27, 2010
The act of waking up to a one night stand and having that person clinging and cuddling you as if you are in a serious relationship.
I woke up to go piss and that random girl was clinging to my waist. I don't even know her name. A total Un-Earned Cuddle.
by Gwynnetastic February 27, 2010
Having sex with a random girl without wearing a condom.
"F*ck, I was drunk-we played just the tip and once it went in we just kept on going. Another night of Dick Dice"
by Gwynnetastic February 28, 2010
A persons/couples/dates/parents wedding Etiquette.
Good Wedi-quette

Being considerate of guests.

Sending stamps with RSVP envelopes.
Top shelf Open Bar
Sushi stand for cocktail hour


Inviting someone to a wedding single.

Having a wedding 500 miles away.

Having a cash bar.

Having ugly female guests.
by gwynnetastic May 28, 2010
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