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meaning that it is 'of the story' or something that could/did ACTUALLY happen in a story, used by fans and fanfictioners
Izzi: Gosh, Marrie, you really like the Harry and Ginny pairing for Harry Potter...
Marrie: Yeah, but it's totally cannon.
Izzi: I know, I read the seventh book

Jen: OMG! McGee and Abby are such a cute couple.
Dan: And it's cannon, have you seen the latest NCIS episode?
Jen: I know, Abby totally kissed McGee's head!!
by Guy McCracken April 27, 2009
also known as 'Plot!', '!Plot' or 'plotty' it means that it is a story with a deep and well thought out plot. Commonly used on fanfiction.net in a fanfiction
Lizzy: Have you read 'The Charlemagne Pursuit'?
Chris: Not yet...
Lizzy: Well you should, that book is really plot-full.
Chris: you mean it's plotty?
Lizzy: Definitely!
by Guy McCracken April 27, 2009
someone who acts like their extremely smart, usually meaning they act like they have a PHD but they're actually really stupid. (pronounced f-uh-art with a prolonged 'f')
Kelly: Hey, look it's Taylor!
Danny: Ugh, don't talk to her, she's such a PHart in English today.
Kelly: Oh yeah? What did she do?
Danny: She started saying incorrect definitions to words
by Guy McCracken April 27, 2009
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