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2 definitions by Guster63

When your pet desides to join in your love making session
Brad "I've got to remember to keep my dog out of the room when my girlfriend & I are makeing love, he starts licking on her legs just as things start getting good."

Scott "Dude, that's like an inter-species daisy chain you've got going on there!"

daisy chain
by Guster63 July 21, 2010
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While in the throes of an emotional situation you blert out statements or comments you otherwise would not have.
"Oh am I in trouble, my girlfriend and I were having a fantastic weekend, I got all caught up in it and had an emotional Tourettes moment. Before I knew what I was doing I told her I was in love with her."


Brad "Boy, did I screw up. My girlfriend & I were having an intense arguement and the next thing I knew it I had said things I wish I hadn't"

Scott "Dude, you had a case of emotional Tourettes"
by Guster63 July 21, 2010
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