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The proper private school attire. Commonly a polo, khaki pants/shorts, belt, and laced up shoes with socks visible.
"Hey dude, do you want to go party?"

"Yeah, but I gotta' go home and change out of my Slave Clothes; I look like a bitch"
by Gustache May 03, 2007
While one is snowboarding, they feel the sudden urge to jib the closest thing to them wether it be a tree or a four year-old's snowboard while he is sitting down. It is a very serious and very common disease among people who have an excess amount of steeze.
"Yo dude, I just did some serious premature jibulation on this chick's face"

"Bro, that's gross"
by Gustache May 04, 2007
A greeting similar to hello or holla back
"Whata-ta my baby, wipe yo feet at tha do'"

"What did that negro just say to me?"
by Gustache April 30, 2007
1.Style with ease not pertaining to skiers due to inability to perform a "Double Roastbeef".

2.Saggin' beanies like you're extra homeless

3.Butters wherever you are
Man, that double roastbeef had mad steeze.
by Gustache March 29, 2007

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