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Used by a celebrity and their PR flaks to excuse unseemly behavior/public embarrassment after ‘treatment’ at an expensive glorified spa for drug or alcohol misuse.
After treatment, Tiger Woods issued his rehab-pology relating to his Ambien and Vicodin use. Nike, Gatorade, AT&T, Buick and the PGA issued statements of support.
#apology to family and fans #apology to sponsers #tearfull apology #issues statement of remorse #cya
by GusII December 09, 2009
Found in rural and inner city America. Started a nondenominational, unaffiliated church in an abandoned mini-mall storefront or small building with very low or no rent. If the church becomes a success, may acquire a degree from an unaccredited small Bible college or the internet. Active in local politics.
The leader of the Down the Road Church spoke at tonight’s city council meeting against the initiative because it did not, “follow God’s law and therefore was unconstitutional.” When asked by the city council president where the Bishop received his degree, he held up his Bible to a quiet chorus of “Amen” from attendees. The Undocumented Preacher won the day and the initiative failed.
#brother #rev. #pastor #sister #religous leader #bishop #minister
by GusII January 15, 2010
Similar to ‘Roid Rage' seen in pumped up musclemen, it is a condition afflicting men over a certain age and former power who have a residue of the prescription in their bodies that leads them to believe they are the most important, smartest, strongest person in the world. But in reality it amplifies the underlying insecurity, spite, and paranoia of a fading relevancy.
I’m beginning to believe what we are seeing in Sen. Lieberman's Health Care Reform positions can be diagnosed as Viagra Rage.

The Viagra Rage was on display at the last tea party protest against any change voted for by the majority in the last election.
#cialis rage #levitra rage #angry retired man #angry old man #elderly republican
by GusII December 15, 2009
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