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2 definitions by Guruji

The main character of the greatest game on earth- Kingdom Hearts. However, compared to Riku, Sora can be very naive at times.
Riku: Sora, truth is, I have always been kinda...jealous of you..

Sora: What for? O.o?

Riku: (OMFG you retard, take a friggin guess...I mean, I get taken over by Ansem, manipulated by Maleficant, I had to TURN into Ansem just to save your sorry ass, while you are enjoying your beauty sleep. I NEVER EVEN RESTED AFTER OUR ISLAND GOT BLOWN UP!! Oh, and to top it off, Kairi loves YOU - NOT ME, you fucktard...can't you even take a hint?") ... I'm glad to have a friend like you...

Sora: ...same here...
by Guruji April 30, 2006
A corporation that basically owns everything in the world of Final Fantasy 7. Run by Rufus Shinra after his daddy was killed by Mr. Sephy. The Epitome of the "evil profit driven" organization. You can compare it easily with gas companies such as Exxon or Mobil.
*Cloud Turns on Midgar Television*

TV: "Chocobo Racing - Brought to you by Shinra!!!!"
Cloud : "WTF??"
TV: "Buy your portable Mako Generator, ON SALE TODAY! Or we will have SOLDIER storm your homes and take away EVERYTHING you hold dear...BUY 1 GET 2 FREE!!"
by Guruji March 30, 2006