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n. any kind of awkward movement especially occurs when attempting to leap over an obsticle that is not cleared completely.
Jim stupidly took the most direct route and awkwardapulted himself over a row of chairs. As a result Jim knocked over the chairs and injured himself.

In an attempt to escape the conversation about of STDs Tim awkardapulted himself away from his friend who thought to himself ''WTF?''
by gurustyle June 20, 2010
When you go into the bathroom to urinate, but upon entry, you find there is a person already using one of the 2 urinals, so you leave instead of using the second urinal, and thus avoiding any akward interaction.
Person 1: dude why did you leave the bathroom? i thought you had to piss?
Person 2: dude i had to pull The lonely bathroom to avoid standing next to the burliest fuck i had ever seen not at a circus.
by GuruStyle June 21, 2010
Bokugon (gay-for-fa-guts) is a show that runs on logo
wait you watched bakugon? GAY
by Gurustyle June 20, 2010
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