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Love is like a power struggle. Whoever loves the other less, has the power. This is because the person who loves the other more is more willing to do what it takes to prove their love. So the person who loves the other less can easily say "Do this for me...." and therefore has "the power." HOWEVER
If trust is a key factor in a relationship, the person without the power has to acknowledge that they don't have the power, and therefore either has to gain it, or trust their lover enough to have faith that they will use it well.

And that is why relationships are very hard to manage. Without true trust, the balance of power falls out and that is where people get hurt. The more simple solution to this problem is if the two people love each other equally, which, although much desired, is not easily accomplished.
Jack and Jill were happily in love, but Jack did not know that Jill did not love him as much as he loved her. Jill secretly had control over Jack, but power did not corrupt her heart. She sparingly used her power over Jack to maintain a healthy relationship and balance of love and power.
by GuruPremier October 21, 2008
It's like being the team player. Taking the responsibility that no one else wants to take, for the benefit of the other "team members."
While on a journey through the deserted island, Greg and his team decided they had to leave one member behind to scout for signs of civilization. They chose Danny to take the fat chick.

"Way to take the fat chick!"
"I'll take the fat chick!"
"He's taking the fat chick!"
by GuruPremier October 22, 2008

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