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A british variant of the popular ford escort model, produced in various forms from 1969-1998, which looks far better than the american model and, in certain guises, is actually a good car. latter models are mainly populated by chavvy twats who kit the piss-poor front wheel drive models with massive farty exhausts and wanky decals whilst listening to hardcore rave music; earlier ones are mainly found kicking up massive clouds of mud whilst drifting on a rally race
my bird loved my escort 1.4 cuz it was cute and slow (and safe)

Did you see that mark 1 RS2000 going sideways round the roundabout?

Chav:Geeeeeezaah, av u seen my new escort mush its propa fat got a sub n a fuck-off exhaust n everythin!
Chavvy mate: Lush mate, propa innit geezer. mush
by Gupster October 11, 2007

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