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DXM is a dissociative hallunicogenic drug found in most cough syrups. It's recreational dose ranges from 100-2,000 mg. Most reccommend that you NEVER take more then 20mg/kg (1 kg=2.2 pounds) or take anything that has ative ingredients other then Dextromethorphan (which DXM is short for) as you can overdose. Effects can be felt with around 2mg/kg on a half full stomach with most taking 3-10mg/kg. When you go above 8 it becomes less euphoric (aka fun) and more hallucinogenic (weird).
The plateaus are:
1.5-3mg/kg= 1st
8-15mg/kg= 3rd
over 15mg/kg= 4th

Be aware your pupils will become dililated badly and will stay dililated for a while even after the effects wear off and its easy to tell when someone's on it (almost as easy as alcohol) and you might puke.
I took 43 coughgels of DXM and she took 17, but she's more fucked up then me!
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by Guntroll July 10, 2008
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