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To simplify something so those of lesser intelligence can understand, to put in laymen's terms.
Can you endumben this for me?

She is not a Lawyer, please endumben for her.
by Gumybob November 05, 2009
One who strategizes ways to jerk people around
That salesman over there is nothing but a strategerk.
by Gumybob November 05, 2009
Combination of confusion and distraction; Confusion caused by distraction.
Sorry, I was constracted due to the interesting conversation those people are having, how did you fix this?

Have you figured out the problem yet? "No I was constracted."
by Gumybob November 05, 2009
The realization that you’re not getting any smarter. Those around you are just getting dumber.
You know, I was thinking about all these people around me the other day and I had a conundumb. When friends are talking about how people getting dumber, you answer "That's a conundumb"
by Gumybob November 05, 2009

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