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2 definitions by GummiBarenGirl

Gender fuck is the lovely practice of bending stereotypical gender appearances and mannerisms, resulting in a mixture of masculinity and femininity, boy, girl, WHATEVER. Gender fuck, or fucking, is not always connected to homosexuality. Try and be open-minded people!
I like my men in skirts and my women in combat boots.

yaaaaaay gender fuck.
by Gummibarengirl November 05, 2005
Pomosexual is a term popularized by sex-positive activists and writers Carol Queen and Lawrence Shimel in their 1997 Anthology "Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions about Gender and Sexuality". People who identify as Pomosexual are attempting to redefine, reassess and protest current essentialist-bound labels surrounding sexual orientation.
"What ARE you?"..."Excuse me?"..."Like...what ARE you?"..."I'm a human being, what does it look like?"..."yeah but...what ARE you?"...I'm POMOSEXUAL, okay!?!"
by GummiBarenGirl October 07, 2007