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A melding of 'hybrid' and 'word'. The hybridisation of two words which doesn't quite work.
HTF do you pronounce Bill Maher's movie 'Religulous'?? Another shitty hybrord.

'Edutainment?' Worst hybrord ever?
by Gumboyaya December 07, 2009
The bewilderment following an event so ridiculous that you can't work out WTF God could have meant by it.
What the hell? That chick was the kindest, most generous person who ever lived, and she gets freakin' SMASHED by a drunk-driver?! I think I'm having a stupiphany.

We did everything right all season. We prayed like MFs. We only needed a draw for the title. Last kick of the game takes three deflections and goes in; we lose. The whole team was sat in the dressing room having stupiphanies - you could see it on their faces.
by Gumboyaya December 07, 2009

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