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Refering to

a) sex "get some pussy"

b) fighting "get some of my fist"
I love that scene in the helicopter in full metal jacket where that guy is shooting them saying "GET SOME! GET SOME!"
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
Essex based Euro-dance outfit who had a number of breakthrough hits in firestarter, breathe and smack my bitch up. Their music is often played on rock stations due to the similarities between their heavy-dance and some metal bands.
Change my pitch up, smack my bitch up.
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
When (usually a woman) pretends to reach orgasm to make their sexual partner feel better.
Women can fake orgasms, but men can fake entire relationships and commitments.
by Gumba Gumba February 22, 2004
Michael Jackson's way of saying "come on". Best examples are in the bad video.
chamoooooooone, mutha fucka!
by Gumba Gumba April 06, 2004
1) (n.) "Instant messanger"

A programme, usually downloadable for free, that allows people to chat in real-time. Many have integrated features such as file sending, two player games, pictures and drawing boards. They are basically an evolution of electronic mail that allows people to get closer to each other. The most popular IM programmes are aim, msn messanger, yahoo IM and icq

2) To use 1) to contact another user of IM's.

3) Mis-spelling of I'm.
1) I need to get a better IM

2) IM me tonight.

3) OMG IM GAY!!!!!111!2!ONE
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
See Doggy-style.

Where the 'bitch' (either male or female) will get on all fours and the 'butch' will enter him/her from behind, either in the vagina or the anus.
We be doin' it doggy stylé!
by Gumba Gumba March 01, 2004
A somewhat less prestigous, more violence-focused British equivalent to the ku klux klan. Combat 18 (or C18) is a British neo-Nazi terrorist organization formed in 1992 after meetings between British National Party and football hooligans such as the "Chelsea Headhunters", by the fascist group Blood & Honour. The '18' in their name is derived from the first and eighth letters of the alphabet, in other words the initials of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Combat 18 quickly gained a reputation following a number of violent acts targeted at immigrants and people from the political left. In 1993 Combat 18 published the magazine Redwatch, which, like the German neo-Nazi publication "Der Einblick", contained names and addresses of anti-racists, but also encouraged physical violence against those it listed.

Searchlight magazine, Red Action and other commentators on both the left and right spectrums of the media (including independent investigative journalist Larry O'Hara- see Turning up the Heat- MI5 after the cold War, Phoenix Press, 1994) have stated their belief that Combat 18 was the brainchild of the British secret service organisation MI5, being designed to discredit the BNP, whilst simultaneously acting as a 'honey-trap' to attract the most violent neo-Nazis in Britain into a single organisation, where they could be monitored. It is also believed that Combat 18 were used by MI5 to infiltrate Loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland. In 1998, the leader of Combat 18, Charlie Sargent, an alleged Special Branch informant, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the 1997 murder of another member of the group. This effectively ended the organisation, although a small group of people still use the name to describe themselves.

However, during April 1999, a professed Combat 18 supporter, 22 year old David Copeland, carried out a bombing campaign aimed at the black, Asian and gay communities in London. On the 23rd April 1999 a bomb exploded in Brixton and another detonated a week later in Brick Lane, East London. On the 30th April a third bombing at the pub The Admiral Duncan in Soho, caused three fatalities and injured over a hundred others.

The White Wolves are a C18 splinter group set up by Del O'Connor, who were initially believed to be linked to these attacks 1.

According to the German "Verfassungsschutz" (Governmental Department for the protection of the constitution) Combat 18 maintains divisions in USA, France, Sweden and Germany. At October 28, 2003 the German police made a razzia against the German members of the group 2.

Source: wikipedia.org
Combat 18, in their origianal form, are dead
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004

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