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An attractive person, generally female, that repeatedly engages in situations which could negatively impact his or her social, mental, societal, and legal reputation. Examples include, repeated and excessive alcohol and/or drug consumption, a habit of being ejected from drinking establishments, a general disregard for the law concerning public safety, petty theft from convenience stores/supermarkets, and a voice that is about 3 decibels louder than everyone else.
Friend: Wanna hang out with **** tonight?
You: You know, I love her to death but she's such a hot mess when she drinks

Friend: I just can't get that chick out of my head. I mean, I know she's a total hot mess, but I dig it.
You: Beware
by Gullek October 06, 2010
When, upon learning of an impending loss of employment, an employee begins to plunder items from his or her workplace. Typically, items are selected either for their functionality (computer monitors, hand tools) or their purpose as memorabilia (large company logos, reserved parking lot signage).
Jeff: "That sucks you're getting laid off man"
Tim: "Yeah, it's alright though. They're having a five finger fire sale right now, got out with a new printer and the CFO's coffee mug."
by Gullek November 20, 2011

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