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2 definitions by Guko

The term that is used to describe lag BEYOND bad lag. With this lag, forget playing a game, you can just play yell at the golagger! This lag can only come from everyone's favorite Trailer Living, Computer Crappy man...Guko!!!!
"Omfg, you GoLagger, stop lagging for once in your life."

"I got angry from the Golagger, so I just flooded the chat and his internet exploded for a few months :D"
by Guko October 20, 2003
A very special little trailer that everyone's favorite GoLagger and Crappy Computer guy lives in! It's none other than....Guko! Everyones favorite Lagger.
"I saw some little kids kick over Guko's Trailer today XD"

"Guko gets to live behind a diner because he's too poor to afford real food! XD"

"Guko lagged out because someone tipped over his trailer again =/"
by Guko October 20, 2003