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The kindest, sweetest, and most caring girl you'll ever meet. Has the best taste in music, best smile, and knows what to say to cheer you up. She's trustworthy, and amazing. Has to be the best and only girlfriend you can get! LOL.
Aw Joyceebear is cute
Joyceebear is hilarious today.
by guitarfreak July 04, 2012
(adj/n)- to refer to someone or something being dumb; to be clinically retarded; an act or invisionment of dumbness
(n) You are a dankwad.
(adj) You are the most dankwadest person in the world.

Synonyms-retarded, clinically disabled, dumb, stupid
by GuitarFreak January 12, 2004
Word expressing that a noun is easy or dumb.
Man that test was peanuts.
Dude, your so peanuts.
That concert was peanuts.
by GuitarFreak August 16, 2004
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