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A famous creature (unknown why) in jersey shore, that wants smoosh smoosh, apearently it will rape men and boys. To beat this creature, you must be from Jersey and you must slap her in the face.
by GuidoWhoFistPumps October 17, 2010
A chemical that has become a very powerful drug. Also, found in the stomach of most zombies. Ever since the government created it to eradicate the homosexual community, it has caused nothing but media panic within the Country of the U.S.A. Much is not known of this drug, although it is known that the zombie apocalypse that has left millions dead has been caused from this drug.

Symptoms may include:

Pumpkin Raping.

Eating Penises.

Eating Bills vetoed by the 17th president Andrew Johnson.

On rare occasion, people have been noted to eat faces.
"Hey, what would be a great way to eradicate life on earth as we know it?"

"Fuck man, i don't know. Like bath salt?"

"Haha your a dumbass man, no one can get fucked up by that!"

"Challenge excepted."
by GuidoWhoFistPumps June 14, 2012

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