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Persons that are only motivated to do a task when it involves high-tech electronic communication devices.
If you want to get in the computer lab, you must be electro-motivated to do so.
by Guido1 March 16, 2008
An extreme sport is usually defined as one that requires extreme levels of endurance, balance, skill, co-ordination; also, ballistic reaction timings, spacial orientation abilities, and massive amounts of oxygen assimilation. Extreme sports are dominated by youth, age range 6 to mid 30's. The first recognized extreme sports, were officially documented by the Post Office commissioning of a stamp series highlighting the first three: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and BMX bike riding. Since that time, several others have been added to include, Inline Rollerblading and Motocross.
Skateboarding is consided an extreme sport.
by Guido1 March 05, 2008
To ad a macho or male gender twist to a concept or action: to garner appeal among men or gender biased groups.
Sarah Palin is the is the mother of all moosify comments.
by Guido1 March 26, 2010
A way to get a point across to someone who you already know has a strong opinion and is likely not even going to listen to what you have to say about a subject matter.
Not being rude, but; I think you should really learn to talk less and listen more.
by Guido1 February 16, 2010
TigerWoods' male enhancement formula that really works!
Man I wish I could get my hands on a bottle of that Tiagra stuff.
by Guido1 December 28, 2009
Commonly accepted theory of the beginning of what we know as the universe. Mostly hypothetical in the past, but now has confirmed measurements by a NASA satelite WMAP. Event horizon indicators place a space-time beginning focal point at 13.7 billion years reverse time. It is not understood what the state of pre-energy/matter was or the catalyst to the event, as the pre-state had no observable horizon.
The big-bang was either an anomaly or it was not.
by Guido1 February 06, 2009
Direct opposite of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Man did you hear the news today, Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, and Limbaugh and Cheney shared the other one, the Dumbell Piss Prize.
by Guido1 October 09, 2009
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