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What happens when a person first rejects altruist, collectivist, and mystical morality for a rationally self-interested one. It generally lasts a short time, but can have long term negative consequences for the self-interested individual. Until the individual sorts out his new values and long term goals, they walk around insulting altruists and people that value/love them; being worried that they have been taken advantage of by those they previously valued.
Ayn Rand effect:
Son: I've been reading Ayn Rand, and her book has lead me to question all my relationships. She says that collectivism is a sin and thus just because I belong to a race, family, nation or other group, it doesn't mean that it's in my self-interest to believe as they do. I need to have my own objective reasoning.

Father: So your rejecting your religion, family and everything I ever taught you because of a book?

Son: Well, I just don't think it's a justification for a morality anymore.

Father: I'm writing you out of my will. How's that for being rationally self-interested?
by Guidewog September 11, 2011
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