4 definitions by GuidetoDouche

A water balloon that is filled with jizz, then left to freeze for a while, when frozen the ballons are taken off and then j bombs can be used to throw at house windows, like egging.
Dude did you see your grandmas house last night? Her house was like Hiroshima after she got dropped with all the Jbombs.
by GuidetoDouche May 05, 2014
A carton of milk that someone has ejaculated in.
Son: Hey Mom, have a sip of this.
Mom: Woah! Thats some thick milk!
by GuidetoDouche May 04, 2014
When a girl takes 3 dicks in her mouth, 2 in her pussy, and 1 in her anus simultaneously.
Bob: Hey dude, you see that girl over there?
John: Yeah
Bob: She was was all Plugged up when i got there.
by GuidetoDouche May 05, 2014
When a women gets ejaculated over her tits in a bra shape so that when it dries it is a perfect fitting bra.
Rebecca: How does Melissa run so fast without being uncomfortable.
Sarah: I heard her boyfriend got her a Perfect Bra.
by GuidetoDouche May 05, 2014

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