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America's favorite sex act. We are all familiar with it because of all the jokes and humourous references to it we encounter on a daily basis... although no one has actually done it.
Dirty Sanchez is our favorite sex act... that no one has actually performed.
by gruby21 August 02, 2006
A myspace term, much like the "away message status", top eight status is when you become so important to a person, that this Myspace user will put you on his/her list of "Top Eight," (Your Top Eight is visible to anyone that accesses your page)
David: Dude, I think Tracie is starting to like me.

Jesse: Bullshit man, she wouldn't give your ass the time of day.

David: No... Forreal, she put me on her top eight

Jesse: No way! You already got Top Eight status? Damn... she definitely wants your dick.
by Gruby21 January 27, 2006

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