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B-Dub, a.k.a. BWC a.k.a. Birchwood.

Its a community of misfits located in the heart or shitty old Dingmans Ferry (look it up to know what I mean). In B-Dub they have their own language, own dress code, own friend code. Outsiders can be initiated under the right circumstance. B-Dubians enjoy smoke, drink, music and other drugs. Not many leave B-Dub, on account most are too high or drunk to leave their house, let alone the community. Most of the inhabitants of B-Dub participate in an activity known as the "Birchwood 500" Its an event that allows people to drive endless circles around a lake while getting as F*d up as possible!! You can always find great people, great drugs, and great potholes in B-Dub~!!
Guy 1: "Yo hit me up when u get back in B-Dub."
Guy 2: "Iight... yo u got trees son?"
by GroveSt May 20, 2011
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