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4 definitions by Grossenschwaum

A woman wearing a tube top who should not by any means wear one. Meaning her stomach fat bursts from between her pants and the bottom of her tube top like a can of biscuits.
"Hey, did you see that 300 pound chic in the tube top?!"
"What, you mean the can of biscuits?"
by Grossenschwaum February 12, 2006
38 16
A fart so dry and painful it feels like a pretzel stick.
Or, a person so stupid, there's nothing else to call them.
As Jimmy lifted a cheek to pass wind, his face froze, and then he screamed in anguish at what we call a pretzel fart.
After shoving a broom handle up his ass and running head first into a stop sign, Sam's friends could do nothing but look on and call him a damned pretzel fart.
by Grossenschwaum February 14, 2006
17 6
The act of placing either of your elbows forward while using your free arm for support, and running full speed into another person's back, preferably above their ass (No one wants ass on their arms). Remember to add insult to injury by shouting, "Elephant boner!" when the deed is done.
Not suspecting a thing, Ted willingly turned his back on Greg, only to be rewarded with a stern elephant boner to the kidney.
Greg: ELEPHANT BONER! HAAA ha ha ha haaa!!!
by Grossenschwaum February 14, 2006
14 16
A goblin that infests your knob if you don't wear a condom.
Or, a goblin that like knobs.
Did you hear about Jimmy? He went to Tijuana and got knob goblins from a hooker.

While camping, Derek walked into the woods to take a leak, and was immediately fellated by a knob goblin. There were no survivors.
by Grossenschwaum February 12, 2006
10 21