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The act of blaming a situation on a completely unrelated event or individual, to divert attention away from the fact that you completely ignored your responsibility.
Guy A: “I failed my English exam because that girl in the front row keeps wearing low cut sweaters.“

Guy B: “Come on dude, you're pulling a Dupnik. Just admit that you didn’t study.”
by Gronaudden January 13, 2011
The act of fucking a girl who demands that you pay for the contraception.
I was fluking this fat, ugly, liberal, and it cost me $5.00 in condoms!
by Gronaudden March 05, 2012
The founding members of the Marshmallow Men: Cenk Uygur, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann
“ Avoid MSNBC tonight, the Three Marshketeers are going to be on talking about gun control. “
by Gronaudden January 14, 2011

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