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A sexual accident which occurs when someone is performing cunnilingus on a female from the Baja region of Mexico. The female farts, which subsequently becomes a shart and the male ingests a portion of the stick suprise, much to his pleasure.
Hey dude, I had a delicious San Diego Shit Sandwich from Rosalita last night.
by GringoTENN October 07, 2008
An olofactory condition of the penis after sexual contact with a yeast indfection or std affected vagina.
When I pulled out, it was a Tennessee Fish Stick, my junk smelled like rotten pussy.
by GringoTENN October 06, 2008
An oral hyegene instrument, the origins of which are the mons pubis of the female genitalia.
I pulled out one of my wifes pubes and got that chunk of meat out of my teeth with that Tennessee Toothpick
by GringoTENN October 06, 2008

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