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Used manily for IRC chats and Battle.NET games. It is the action of Kicking out someone out of a chat room.
That n00b is ruining everyones day boot him!

Please boot that lagger!
by Grilox November 18, 2003
This word is derived from 0WNED and PWNED. It is Mostly used among hackers, but is sometimes used in small gaming circles.
I R0x0red y0ur b0x0rs
by Grilox November 18, 2003
A Piece of white bread and an awesome guy to boot. Rival of Schloi.
Grilox is fricken awesome!
by Grilox September 30, 2004
See evil

The rival of Grilox and a real jerk.
Schloi is a fricken idiot.
by Grilox September 27, 2004
This word is used in gaming circles to mean something being totally annialated
Man that theory has been KILLED

I'm gonna kill that guy in the next game!
by Grilox November 18, 2003
Lu Bu. Aj. Traitor. Comes from the name of a chinese warrior who betrayed people too many times.
You are such a Lu Bu
by Grilox May 01, 2004
Garden n. A misspelling of Gadren
Garden is a great guy.
by Grilox May 01, 2004
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