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Fall River North, New New Bedford, Portugal of the Americas, Brockton's Red-Headed Stepchild. These are all terms that have been used to describe this small podunk town south of Boston. Stoughton aspires to achieve the greatness enjoyed by such cities as Quincy, Worcester and Lynn. In the 1970s and 80s Stoughton was the type of place where long-haired teenagers wore t-shirts emblazoned with the names of heavy metal bands, but sadly has become a haven for wannabe thugs who's only regret in life is that they're not popping caps in peoples' asses in places like Dorchester or Roxbury: Real towns where success in life means that your welfare check arrived in time for the Nattie Ice sale at the local package store. With such famous former residents as Mary Baker Eddy and David Cohen Stoughton is sometimes the focus of statewide news but rarely sees fame on a national level. The nicer parts of Stoughton, mainly the areas in the vicinity of Plain Street and Bay Road, are often seen as extensions of the town's wealthier neighbors Easton and Sharon. It is very easy (and advisable) when in these areas to sometimes forget that you are even in Stoughton at all.
Conversation overheard in the parking lot of CVS pharmacy in Stoughton, Massachusetts

Thug #1 - "Yo, you wanna get something for dinner?"

Thug #2 - "Yeah, Taco Bell, Mc Donald's or Wendy's?"

Thug #1 - "No way yo. Let's go to the Bickford's near the Westgate mall."
by Grew up in Stoughton January 10, 2008

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