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A non sequitur used:

1. when one mishears part of what another says.

2. to regain a group's focus during a lull in the conversation after off topic rambling.

3. to change the subject.

4. to kindly insult a friend/coworker when they say/do something mindless.

5. as a form of agreement.

Note: originaly used in situation #1. Has since spread like a virus.
1. Them: "Did you want to go to lunch with us?" You: "Fishes?! What?!"

2. <extended group silence> Random group member: "Fishes!"

3. Them: "...so that's why I started using (random embarasing personal hygene product)." You: <long pause> "Fishes."

4. You: <walk into room, search around, forget what you were looking for> Them: "Fishes?"

5. Them: "This sucks." You: <nodding head> "Fishes."
by GremlinSix August 21, 2005

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