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A feeling of euphoria by taking a pill that may or may not kill you with side affects. You will not care regardless.
Despite her arthritis acting up, the little pill she took when she got up had Lucy feeling celebrexellent all day long.
#celebrex #excellent #pill #drug #age #side affects #celebrate #euphoria
by Gregtionary December 04, 2008
A overwhelming feeling of having picked up a disease by watching a television show that is so skanky it makes you feel like you have a sexually transmitted disease. i.e. Barbwire
I may have to go to the doctor for some kind of ointment. I was watching Baywatch last night and I think I contracted an STV.
#tv #television #baywatch #std #disease #social #barbwire #pamela anderson
by Gregtionary December 04, 2008
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