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v. Also, service the account, the account is being serviced.

A George Carlin term for the act of a salesperson screwing over their customer through deceit. This is catagorized by the large bullshit smile, and customer assuming the position.
"Excuse me, I'm clueless about buying absolutely anything."
"I'll just go ahead and service the account for you then."
by Greggo August 22, 2005

Ankles is a game played by a group of friends, generally guys. Once it has been decided to play, all players of the game drop tou, where they remain for the duration of the game. Whoever pulls his pants' up last is declared the winner of the game. Often played at random, and just for the fun of being pantsless.

It has been said that whoever prematurely pulls his pants' up, recieves an application of icy hot to the testicles. I've never seen it happen yet.
Game can end on a truce.
"Hey, lets play "Ankles!" "
"Awsome, let's do it. 1... 2... 3!"
"Wow, it got drafty"

*2 hours later*

"My mom's here, it seems as though I must admit defeat."
"I win! Now get over here and recieve your punishment!"
by Greggo August 24, 2005

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