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3 definitions by Greg Gerber

A dad of daughters only; any man who either by natural birth or by way of marriage is parenting daughters only. Not to be confused with a GOGO, grandfather of granddaughters only or a SOSO DODO, a dad of daughters only raising some other schmuck's offspring.
Upon the birth of his third daughter John is a true DODO.

Bill is hoping he'll have a son this time so that he can shake that DODO stigma.

If Sam marries Sally, he'll become a DODO to her daughter.
by Greg Gerber April 28, 2007
5 3
A member of the opposite sex with whom hanging out should not be subjected to a parent's traditional rules of dating, curfew or scrutiny that generally apply to a teenager's boyfriend or girlfriend.
So what if he's 18 and I'm 15, why can't we drive to the theater? He's justafriend.

No, her parents won't be home when I go to her house tonight to watch a movie. But that's okay, she's justafriend.
by Greg Gerber October 12, 2004
4 2
A stepfather to daughters only; any man who by marriage winds up raising some other schmucks female offspring. Used in conjuction with DODO, a dad of daughters only.
When Bill married Brenda, he became a SOSO DODO to Brenda's daughter, Michelle.
by Greg Gerber April 28, 2007
5 10