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A chat website overrun with 12 year olds that can have "sex0rz" with their 12 year old (A.K.A 56 yr old paedophiles) "bf" or "gf".

They attempt to suck up your money by making you buy "credits" (Creds) so you can buy some shit ass "furni" and join the Habbo club so you can be popular with the GrIlZ111!1!1!11!! and get "laid" and impress your 2cm tall "friends". Sounds great, huh? =P

Swearing is "bobbaing" impossible in Habbo Hotel, as every swear word is bleeped out. Sound bad? Not at all... It seems completely fair really, since its overrun with kids, But once you realise it is bleeped out with the word "bobba" you become annoyed, fast. Even if you say a word that isn't actually swearing its messed up by "Bobba" e.g "lass" becomes "lbobba"

Hobba. Hobba's are "moderators" (A.K.A fat kids that eat donuts while playing habbo hotel) that ban you for the fucking crappiest reasons. I got banned for saying my real name. Seriously. Hobba's need to be 18, so they probably have no life if they are 18 playing Habbo.

People create rooms to have "beauty" contests in and create "Jobs" so they can scam other habbos into giving them their password.

This wonderful dish is best not served at all, unless you're 8.
Nerd: Can I see your room?

Me: I don't have a room.

Nerd: Oh okay I hate you.

Me: Ummm...

Nerd: stfu noob I said I hate you!

Me: Ummm okay...

Nerd: omg im reporting you for being a noob!

You have been banned for life for being a noob.

Habbo Hotel
by Greenday678912345 March 13, 2009
An attractive actor with nice eyebrows, has starred in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory, but is best known for his recent role in Twilight as Edward Cullen.

by Greenday678912345 April 23, 2009

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