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2 definitions by Greenbrier News

Maggybyte is a word found in many jokes and/or punchlines. Maggybyte plays on the word megabyte and is used to indicate one's obsession toward a certain person.
"Hey BB, how many maggybytes did you say your iPod can hold?" (Stated after being accused of obsession towards someone.)
"I think that girl that has been eyeing you has a jump drive full of maggybytes."
by Greenbrier News February 28, 2010
Used commonly by modern day teens, kelsoff refers to the physical reference of male self-ejaculation. Kelsoff is pronounced similarly to Jack-off and has a similar meaning.
"I'm so bored right now, I can just stand here and kelsoff."
"The boy who kelsoffed during the day became tired but satisfied."
by Greenbrier News February 27, 2010