3 definitions by Gravebane

The first nickname of deadman.

Also a Black card from Magic: the Gathering, power 3, toughness 2, with the ability to rise out of the graveyard back to the library upon death.
I'm going to keep killing your gravebanezombie rather than using this fireball on you.
by Gravebane June 20, 2004
first there was the zombie. The zombie grew weary, and nearly fell to dust. However, new light shone, and he was reincarnated as gravebane. Then the call of eternal slumber was too much for gravebane, but he left behind his knowledge in a being called deadman.

Deadman is the nickname of a person also frequently known as gravebane or gravebanezombie. He frequents eris-free irc network and is very helpful.
I talked to deadman the other day... the Halo party is on saturday night.
by Gravebane June 20, 2004
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