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Generally a male, but rarely a female, a ThomasDW is easily recognized by its devotion to a single product by a computer game maker, but when the maker must move on to new products to stay in business, it becomes a vicious attack dog that feels compelled to bite the hand that feeds it. Such a person is exceptionally short-sighted, self-involved, and takes great pleasure in attempting to undermine the efforts of others.
Person A: I can't believe this company is moving on to a new product after I have spent so much time making missions for their old games.

Person B: Deal with it you homo and get a life.

Person A: The hell I will, I will rant and complain and do whatever I can to undermine the release of their next product. I will not be ignored!

Person B: Get a grip and stop being such a ThomasDW.
by Grass-Cutter April 01, 2008
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