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Basically a chav in ireland. They are common drags on society, will probraly live on the dole when they are older (16/17) drop out of school as soon as they are legally able to (16) and will mitch off school until they are. Usually pop out a few skanger children covered head to toe in little tacky skanger outfts.
Smoke like chimneys and love doing so in school bathrooms where they can piss off as many fellow students as possible.

Usual female skanger; Plastered in panstick (which leaves a nice orange coating on their school shirt), have an orange hue, speak in a simple english language, are often in bathrooms trying to make themselves appear yet more orange, have low attention spans, act 'rale hard', spend all off their time with their skanger boyfirends in their boy racer cars, wearers of extremely huge hoop earrings, usually dye their hair rotten colours(often 2 tone brown and blonde) and have a constant smell of stale smoke. Nice.

Usual male skanger; owners of boy racer cars, congregate in large groups where they try to act 'rale hard'. Shout lude comments at ANY female walking past (try to keep your head down and don't make eye contact), inappropriate, talk so strangely that even natives to ireland have a hard time understanding their knacker way of talking, not a fan of personal hygiene, always surround by a cloud of Lynx (that really awful smelling male product(?) that every young male wears for some reason but no actual female likes it) and wearer of tacky full tracksuits. Nice.
As you can tell by the descriptions, they are valued members of society.

Skanger; I'd b rale cool like that sure. Don't start on be i'd break yar face i wud.

Normal person; Right. And you are what, 12?

Skanger; Shut yar face ya rich barbie with yar fancy shoes on ya.U don't be rale hard like me

Normal person; (rolls eyes and walks away)
by Grapesareyum March 06, 2009

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A really addictive teenage fantasy romance book that causes millions of millions of teenage girls to go without eating/sleeping/talking/studying/school/TV/friends/a life in fear of putting the book down. I was one of them.
And i know it isn't the greatest book ever written and it is cliched and it doesn't have a real character development and the plot isn't great but........ i don't care! Its just something about the book that captures you. Some element, and its not just edward cullen (the hottie of the book). Its just the escape from reality the book offers that is appealing. It suits teenage girls demands perfectly. I know it doesn't have very much 'vampire' fights and scary stuff, but thats not what the author wants to give to her readers.
Teenage girls aren't that into that sort of stuff. And its stupid to slate the books, just because they don't suit your demands from a book. You don't see all teenage girls slating the inheritence trilogy (which i admit i did read) or whatever else boys are into (not being 1, i wouldn't know). And don't start saying that i wouldn't know a good piece of literature if it smacked me in the face. I've read more books than i care to remember and very few of them fit the teenage romance bill (what you classify as stupid).
So lay off the Twilight series boys. Its not something you'll understand because admit it, you don't know how the female mind works. No matter how much you think you do. And i admit that some of the plot is a little strange. But theres no need to slag off stephaine meyer's version of a vampire. Its her book, she can do what the hell she likes with the characters. Noone forces anyone to read the books. And i don't see any of ye earning millions off anything you've written.

So basically, to sum it up, Twilight is a really really addictive book for girls that boys will prob never get. Ever.
Clueless skeptics: Twilight books should be torn apart and burned so they can never be read again
Twilight reader: You so read the book

Clueless skeptics: I saw the movie and the books are probraly just as bad
Twilight reader: The movie ruined the books. Rob Pattitson and Whats her face didn't do Edward and Bella justice

by Grapesareyum March 05, 2009

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