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One who brings reading material into the bathroom for use while on the toilet.
Don't lend Gary your first edition; he's a bookpooper.
by Granite State September 23, 2009
A cultural event indigenous to New Hampshire.
Masshole driving in New Hampshire: hey look, there are signs for candidates on people's lawns. Is there an election coming up?

New Hampshirite: You're in New Hampshire, so yes, there is an election coming up.
by Granite State November 03, 2009
1. Apply your specific, previously revealed wisdom to the situation.

2. An interjection used to encourage a rant, diatribe, or other awesome monologue.

3. You're on a roll (in immediate conversation), don't stop!
Liz Lemon: Dealbreaker!
Angie Jordan: Teach it like you preach it, Liz Lemon!
by Granite State October 20, 2010
An expression of of indifference or of a judgment of mediocrity; a verbal shoulder shrug.
The world: "Soccer is cool."
Americans: "Meh."
by Granite State December 15, 2009
A friendship masquerading as long-term mutual hatred by way of snark.
Becky: let me reiterate: i hate you, Dan.
Dan: You don't hate me. You "hate" me. Don't be afraid to admit it.
Becky: Okay, fine, lol.
Dan: This is the second longest snarkfeud in my life.
by Granite State February 05, 2011
Emoticon for an intimidating, bug-eyed glare; no blinking.
Stephen: I just bought the last Harry Potter!
Jon: Everybody read that years ago, and everybody knows that at the end--
Stephen: HEY! No spoilers! Seriously. I will end you. o_0
Jon: Okay, okay, fine, calm down.
by Granite State January 26, 2011
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