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a) noun
1. A motion picture. Often refers to a more 'artistic' or indie picture (as opposed to a commercial movie).
2. The craft, study or industry of motion picture creation.
3. A thin strip of light-sensitive plastic used in pre-digital cameras.
4. A thin layer of something.

b) verb
5. To capture on camera

c) adjective
6. Of or referring to film.

d) preposition (On film)
7. Captured with a camera as a photograph or movie.
1. A good hipster only likes indie films.
2. He studied acting for film.
3. She used up a whole roll of film.
4. There was a soapy film on the water.

5. Yo dude, whip out your iPhone and film me jumping off this roof with my skateboard!

6. She's a film junkie.

7. I lit fireworks in the school auditorium, and caught the whole thing on film!
by Grammar 'R Us July 08, 2011
a) noun
1. A building in which live shows are performed for an audience. (Not to be confused with a movie theater)
2. A specific room or space designated for the performance of a live show.
3. The craft or study of creating live performances. (Not to be confused with film)

b) adjective
4. Used to describe one who is loud, 'artsy' and/or 'weird' and who has an interest in theatre.
5. For, of, or referring to the theatre.
1. I'm going to the theatre tonight
2. Bill is in the theatre, hanging lights.
3. What made you want to go to school for theatre?

4. She burst into song and dance while sweeping the floor at work; she's such a theatre kid.
5. We have theatre tickets for this evening.
by Grammar 'R Us July 08, 2011
Originally an American spelling of 'theatre,' the word has evolved to mean a building, room or space where films are shown. Sometimes called a cinema or movie theater. Not to be confused with a theatre.
I can't wait for this movie to come to theaters!
by Grammar 'R Us July 08, 2011
One who fervently believes they are not a hipster.

Andy: I liked their music before they got all popular and stuff.

Marge: Ha! You're such a hipster.

Andy: No! I am not! Why do people always say that?!

Marge: Dude. You've got black coffee from the grungy café downtown. You're wearing an indie band shirt. You've got glasses like department store windows! You're a hipster.

by Grammar 'R Us July 08, 2011

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