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A "paragraph," usually written by some troll, that doesn't have any line breaks, so that it's annoyingly impossible to read. It's usually very long (like 5+ normal paragraphs worth). (Example is a tiny fraction of what a gigantigraph really consists of).
So, like I was going to the mall the other day to meet this chick and she had this really froopy friend. I really dug the friend. She was all like cool. And I was all like cool. And we hooked up. Yesterday, my dog died, and I was really sad. All that coolness was dead. I went to work and drooled over the fries, but no one noticed, so I gave them to some jock with bad steroidacne, and he thought it was sauce. Special sauce. Hah. That reminds me of when I was ten and I did a cartwheel off a building and landed on my face and I was bleeding everywhere and my brother was like Are you okay? And I was like Go get mom. And he was like Are you okay? And I was like Go get mom. I was losing a lot of my special sauce, and by that I mean blood. It was so bloody man, you should have seen it, but you would probably have vomited or something, so maybe you shouldn't have seen it, but my teeth got knocked out and I broke my wrists, but it didn't hurt. Hey, your mom is such a milf!

In a sentence: "Edit - I fixed your gigantigraph. -mod"
Another: "Could someone please make the troll do some line breaks? My eyes are bleeding from his gigantigraphs!"
by GoyaAdobo February 19, 2008

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